вторник, 27 декабря 2011 г.


The novelty from the showman DIMAX ENERGY, is a videoroller long, hardly more than two minutes, during which occurs art acril colour of an author's picture. The roller and is called " 70 minutes for 168 second Art show " (" 70 minutes art show for 168 seconds ") With the help speddly of effect of the forced video, the spectators can beautiful estimate art skill itself DIMAX ENERGY! The video can free-of-charge be seen under the reference: the арт-gallery of art pictures of the author already had time(was in time) to win sympathies at the admirers of creativity, for short enough time, having presented on display more than 20 арт of masterpieces. The basic style of a spelling of pict
ures, is ambiguous, but is more observed in Gothic фэнтези. On the submitted промо-roller the initial cartoon, but drawn, in a natural format of the future picture is submitted only. The admirers already in delight from a show, as at installation of a video the computer diagrams were not used animations effects, that does(makes) the most graceful perception(recognition)! However, it not first and is far from being last exclusive job DIMAX ENERGY.
The whole virtual gallery of figures and pictures, where everyone, besides viewing can be chosen and got the liked masterpieces of the author http: // www.art-gallery-dimaxenergy.blogspot.com
by(with) the Talented showman, besides creativity in musical industry, being by the founder of vocal style Strip R&B, has time to create and in a арт-art direction, in parallel were engaged Business - motivators (seminars on neiro-linguistic management and the trainings of Success already are known for steel to many visitors of a world wide web).
On authentic sources, it is known, that DIMAX ENERGY already has sold some jobs executed in aerograffitty (list on automobiles with the help special pulivizator) .Sum of the bargain thus is not specified, but it is known, that for the figure the author has taken not less than 3250 $. The press-secretary DIMAX ENERGY from the comments on the given question has refused.

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