вторник, 20 марта 2012 г.

DIMAX ENERGY (no censored video for you)

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  1. DIMAX ENERGY (Buyanov Dmitriy) was first Russian showman, which founded the popular music style “Strip R&B”. It was in 2006. Many people in the world destinations of DIMAX ENERGY`s entertainment style. The more popular energy musics in two albums of DIMAX ENERGY (“My Style!” and “Feeling My Style!”). This is a new culture for next generations! Many good channel from international You-Tube to translations of video clips and show DIMAX ENERGY! Many people have good time with entertainment DIMAX ENERGY. DIMAX ENERGY is showman, the very popular hip-hop singer, art creator, producer and beautiful DJ! His music is very well, because to fullest the energy of rhythm and dance-floors energy! Many performances of DIMAX ENERGY to stove a stereotype international entertainment. The solo vocal albums of DIMAX ENERGY did not sell for everyone, because DIMAX ENERGY to bid present a opportunity free download for everyone and everywhere! It was nice marketing for spreading any DIMAX ENERGY`s copy the albums. A DIMAX ENERGY ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION is the best entertainment industry in the world! You will be able to buy of exclusive art-picture at the art gallery DIMAX ENERGY from web site: http://www.art-gallery-dimaxenergy.blogspot.com If you like strip-tease from beautiful dancer-girls, you make watching the exclusive “DIMAX ENERGY Show” from web sites: http://www.entertainment-co.blogspot.com http://www.dimaxenergy.narod2.ru
    But if you have nice energy music, you must going to official web sites:
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