понедельник, 30 мая 2011 г.

DIMAX ENERGY(Dmitry Buyanov)

Dmitry Buyanov(DIMAX ENERGY) known showmen, musician and executor of the solo songs under with style Strip R`n`B, successful moivator, trainer on success and perfect artist! The versatile person with a cheerful sight on life! Lives at Russia, but very much likes all world!
On this site exclusive art figures of the author are submitted! You can buy any figure or exact copy of figure of the author. The prices, pleasantly will surprise you! Exclusive! All jobs submitted by the author, are unique in the single copy! Become the exclusive owner of a perfect work of art! These masterpieces are worthy to decorate your interior! On purchase of jobs, address to the address E-mail: dimaxenergy@mail.ru

On cooperation and disainers of author's registration and execution(performance) of your orders, address to the address E-mail: fan_club_dimaxenergy@mail.ru

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